June 10, 2023
Teskashi 6ix9ine's attacker is a member of the Latin Kings Gang - POLICE

Prior to the incident 6ix9ine assaulted in a gym center, the police in Florida revealed that one of the attackers is a high-leveled member of the Latin Kings Gang. The attack occurred after 6ix9ine snitched on the Blood Gang members during a Federal Court case to cut-down jail time.

The Latin Kings Gang have rich history of being allies with the Blood Gang Among the three men arrested, Rafael Medina Jr was identified as the oldest member of the gang. The detectives testified having evidence to show Medina Jr as the gang-president.


“The suspects arrested are Medina’s son, Octavious and Anthony Maldonado”. Reports shows Maldonado is a registered member of Los Angeles Fitness. The culprits were processed into the county’s jail.

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