June 10, 2023

The case of Tory Lanez and his shooting of Megan Thee Stallion isn’t over yet, but prosecutors seem determined to uphold the original verdict. Moreover, they expressed that the rapper’s motion for a new trial “lacks substance” according to court law. Los Angeles County prosecutors gave a Response to the Defendant’s Motion for a New Trial, and that motion surfaced on Thursday (April 6). In it, attorneys Kathy Ta and Alexander Bott point to a number of reasons as to why Tory’s request is unfounded. With this development, the court’s response to each side will prove crucial to his accountability.


First, prosecutors pointed to the main reason why a defendant may request a new trial: if they can “demonstrate a reversible error or other defect.” Furthermore, the defense team argued for a retrial based on evidence that they didn’t fight back against in court. As such, the prosecution did not identify any significant “error” or “defect” that calls for a retrial. They maintained the defense had the chance to comment on said evidence. Another point they brought up was Lanez’s access to counsel under the Sixth Amendment, which the defense team denied.

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