June 10, 2023
drake and kim kardashian

Even though it’s been over a year since Drake and Kanye West “resolved” their beef, the former is still sending shots at the latter– or at least, that’s what many believe. Moreover, the 6 God’s latest cover art featured a lookalike of Kim Kardashian on the cover, wearing matching motorcycle helmets with the rapper. While that’s up for interpretation, a lot of people came to that conclusion online. However, we now know that the woman on the cover art is actually an artist named Lilah. Still, a lot of factors in the song hint at the 36-year-old still wanting more smoke with Ye.

See Instagram post below…


Furthermore, the most glaring piece of evidence is him sampling Kim talking about her divorce on “Search & Rescue.” “I didn’t come this far just to come this far and not be happy. Remember that,” she says in the audio clip, which comes through about a quarter of the way through the song. Considering Drake’s lovey-dovey lyrics on the track, many assume he rapped about the SKIMS mogul. He does, though, say that he doesn’t need someone as famous as him, so maybe that theory doesn’t hold much weight.

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