June 10, 2023

Donald Trump appears to be in good spirits despite his recent arrest in New York City. After returning to Mar-a-Lago, earlier this week, the former president played the role of DJ at his private Florida club. According to Page Six, attendees at the space were treated to tunes specifically chosen by Trump on his iPad.

“He was back on his iPad last night for his regular DJ gig,” an insider told the outlet on Friday. “Trump told members he is ‘back on track’ and that he will be found not guilty.” They added that by Thursday, he was already “telling people that he is resuming his normal life and schedule — including playing his weekly [DJ] session.” “He loves playing ringmaster,” they added. “He played music from his seat [on Thursday] while he ate ice cream. Things are more upbeat at the club — members were surprised at how happy he was.”

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