June 10, 2023

50 Cent just took to Instagram to slightly ridicule his 10-year-old son Sire’s alleged request for $10K via Apple Cash. Moreover, he posted a screenshot of the request with no further details, instead choosing to elaborate in his post’s caption. “I just got this from my son SIRE,” Fif wrote. “He is 10 years old I hope this is a joke.” Apparently, all the hard work that the music and business mogul put in for his cash isn’t easily forgotten, and he’s not one to give it indiscriminately- even to his children. Still, many wondered how the young Jackson family member could’ve schemed this out to begin with. Kids and tech are just growing too fast these days.

50 Cent terminate his 10 year old son's 10k Apple cash requestRegardless, Sire’s hustling has probably transcended even 50 Cent’s expectations, as he apparently passed down his money-making mindset to him. According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, the young buck (whom Curtis shares with his ex Daphne Joy) got $700,000 for his first modeling contract. What’s more is that the reportedly lucrative move came when Sire was just two years old. It’s always quite impressive, however jarring, to see kids adapt to our hyper-capital-obsessed world with ease.

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