June 10, 2023

According to Detroit News, 42 Dugg has been hit with a one-year sentence. Overall, this is a very interesting development when you consider how the prosecution only wanted six months. However, the judge clearly wanted to make an example out of the artist. This is especially true when you consider what Dugg will have to go through upon release. He will be supervised closely for up to three years. Additionally, he will have to pay a large fine of $20K while also staying away from any illegal drugs.

This is going to be a huge setback for the artist. Moreover, in recent posts on social media, it is very clear that 42 Dugg disagrees with his punishment. However, as the saying goes, you can’t always get what you want. Let us know what you think of his sentence, in the comments below. Additionally, stay tuned to www.skinnygist.com for the latest news and updates from around the hip-hop world.

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